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January 29th-

Bingo Night

February 3rd-

Honoring Our Heroes 6:30

February 9th-

PTA Meeting 6:30

February 12-16th


February 20th-

Father/Daughter Dance 5:00-8:00

February 24th-

Spring Pictures

2015-2016 SCES Yearbook

Not sure if you already purchased a yearbook?   Click here for the order list

Any books purchased after January 12th will not be listed.

Yearbooks sold out last year!

Purchase now so your child does not miss out on this treasured keepsake!

The Wonderland Dance

All Silver City girls and their “Mad Hatter”

(father or special loved one) are invited to attend this year’s

Futterwacken, or….Dance, that is!

Date: Frabjous Day!

Saturday, February 20th

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Place: Down The Rabbit Hole

(SCES Café & Gym)

Tickets must be purchased in advance!

Cost is $25 per couple, $10 each additional girl

Please email questions to Christine Clark or Stephanie Moulton at

Each ticket includes an Alice in Wonderland book, DJ dance, desserts, drinks, curious games, curiouser characters, and more!

In and Out Photo will be there to capture the moment. Picture packages start at $15 (cash or check only)

Admission Tickets

Georgia PTA Capitol Watch

If you would like to become more politically active or if you just want to stay informed on what Georgia’s policy leaders are doing for our children, Capitol Watch is a great place to start.

Sign up to be a part of the Georgia PTA Advocacy Network

to receive the Capitol Watch newsletters.

Find out how our Fundraising money is being spent, help elect a nominating committee, and see what PTA is doing for the rest of the year!

PTA General Membership Meeting
Tuesday February 9th - 6:30pm